Laser Tattoo Removal

Our laser technician has been using laser removal machines for over 10 years and is fully trained and insured for the use of these machines.

We use Q-switched YAG laser, this type of laser delivers energy quickly and allows for the best results for tattoo removal. Q-switched lasers are the only lasers that should be used for laser tattoo removal.

Q-Switched stands for ‘quality-switched’ laser and this laser targets short pulses of light energy at a tattoo which shatters the pigments into tiny particles.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

This particular laser produces a very high power in quick pulses.  The light energy produced tends to pass through normally pigmented skin and specifically targets the pigment in the tattoo ink deep in the dermis layer.  As the ink absorbs this light energy, the ink breaks down into smaller particles which are then evacuated from the body through normal immune response.  As the ink particles are removed, the tattoo begins to fade.

How many treatments will I need?

This question is hard to answer as it all depends on the tattoo, tattoo colour, skin type, immune system etc.  As a guide, many laser studios use the Kirby-Desai scale which can be around 80% accurate in estimating the amount of treatments required.

Kirby -Desai Scale Calculator.

Click on the corresponding answers to your skin and tattoo type below for an estimate based on the Kirby-Desai scale: